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God in Secret

Last week, on Holy Thursday, I was driving to Church to do some preparation for the Mass that evening. On my way I passed by a number of other cars, and I saw many people walking along the road, and others in their yards. Life was going on as normal. I wondered how many of them were Catholic. Statistics right now say only about 4% in southern Missouri are Catholic. Then I wondered how many realized what that day was: Maundy Thursday; the day we remember Christ having been taken away to be crucified.

After pondering the (somewhat excusable) ignorance of the general population, my thoughts went on to consider how many people, even in Jerusalem, 2000 years ago knew how significant that day was. That day when Jesus celebrated the Last Supper, "ordained" the Apostles, and gave them the Eucharist, and then was betrayed into the hands of sinners. They too were likely just going about their daily routine and had no idea what God was doing.

In a sense, this happens every day. God is doing things, and (sometimes) even we Catholics do not know what He is doing. His work is often secret, and we are only the recipients of it after the fact. It is one of my favorite experiences to see those who are converting to Catholicism come into an awareness of things that happened in Jesus' life on Earth. Their facial expression is often, "why didn't anyone tell me about this before!?"

Ponder for a moment: what is God doing in secret right now? We have the special blessing of not only realizing the special nature of the liturgical days on the calendar, but also being able to see the works of God when He does reveal them to us. He is working even now, and He wants to show it to you. Keep your eyes open to Him and you will see wonders.


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