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Getting Upset

Yes, I have heard that Bishop Strickland was forcibly removed by Pope Francis from his duties as Bishop of Tyler, Texas--some of those involved have said that it was because Bishop Strickland refused to implement Traditiones Custodes (that is possible). Yes, I am concerned. Right now, I want to encourage everyone to take a breath. Ok, take another. Now, remember, please, what I said in a recent homily: make sure that your response to a problematic decision by a clergyman (yes, even by the Pope himself) is not just as sinful as the action you are concerned about. Hot headedness and knee-jerk reactions will not solve anything; ever!

What does it mean to be "upset"? The word connotes being "knocked down" or "toppled". That may be what it feels like, but we are still standing (or should be by God's grace). And during times like this, we need to stand all the more firmly. We need to recognize that Jesus is still seated at God's right hand; He is still ruling over all things, and nothing can knock Him down or topple Him. So, while we may be "upset", Christ is not (regardless of what He thinks about this decision of the Holy Father).

There is a faithful response for us, and it is found somewhere between ignoring the whole thing, and spending all day fuming over it and allowing the devil to take a hold on our hearts. Whatever we do, be certain to pray. Pray for Bishop Strickland; pray for our own Bishop Lopes; pray for Pope Francis; pray for yourself; pray that we all repent of our sins, and that God thwart and frustrate the plots of all and any who wish to destroy His Bride: the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.


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