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Finding Strength

Many of you know that my family and I have been building our new homes (yes, we did a good portion of the construction ourselves--hard work, but worth it). There have been times over the past three months that I have stood there and said "I don't have another ounce of strength left in me; God please help!" And, lo and behold, He did.

Sometimes, it even seemed miraculous to realize that I found a bit more strength than I could even imagine mustering up in myself. It would be easy to try to find a scientific explanation (which is what those who doubt God will do), but faith tells us that it is an act of God.

What about in your own life? Are there times that you believe you are at the end of your abilities, and you just give up? Or do you genuinely reach out to God to find that strength that He offers? Are those times of "failure" really a failure to call upon the name of God?

We cannot take Him for granted; we must acknowledge the Lord in every point of life--even the mundane ones. He is always present and is always willing to help us (even if it is not the way we requested). Do you really believe that?


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