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Family and Tradition

"Tradition is the avowed enemy of progress. The family is the most effective means of teaching tradition. The family must be done away with if we are to overturn tradition." This is a bit of a paraphrase, but you get the idea. I am recalling from memory a source that pushed these three points in the early communist revolution in Russia.

People in America may not be that overt in their attack on the family. Today they are much more guarded in their attempts to annihilate humanity (yes, that is what they are trying to do). They work today to change the definition of family; which is a much more subversive means of destroying the family. Yet, they still realize that family is the place where tradition is fostered and taught (even bad traditions).

I have heard many times from people who fell away from the Catholic faith that at some point in their lives they just realized that they had given up traditions that were not just "the way we did it" but they had given up traditions that had eternal value. They are eternal both in their effect, and in the fact that the Catholic faith always stays with you (even when you want to deny it).

So then, parents, listen well. The world wants to destroy your family. It wants to make husbands and wives seek divorce. It wants to make children rebel. It wants to make all men become addicted to porn. It wants to make all women become addicted to self-fulfillment. It wants to place any kind of a wedge possible in your home to make it crumble. Realize this, and you are half way to overcoming it. Do not let the devil get a foothold in your home.

You are responsible to teach the faith; "parents are the first teachers of their children" the Catechism says. You must explain not just what the Traditions of the faith are, but also why we hold to them (and if you do not know, find out!). You are the foundation of the future; take responsibility for what God has given you (the faith, and your children) and move forward in your calling to spread His Kingdom.


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