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Someone said recently, "What has Pope Francis done that is actually good?" I believe he expected me to say "nothing" (which I would not do, even if it were true--I would find other more humble words to use). Well, in reality, a few years ago he actually extended the influence and rights of the Ordinariate in ways that help to secure our ability to grow and impact the Church throughout the world, which was an enormous benefit to us and our desire to remain true to ancient tradition (he may not have realized the great blessing this was to us, but he did it nonetheless). Additionally, he gave us Bishop Lopes, who has helped us to stand fast in the faith and endure other things that have come from Rome over the past few years (which he also may regret, but he has shown no sign of trying to change it). Finally, he gave us the Divine Worship Mass (its final edition that we now use was approved by him).

So then, if we believe in God (and I assume you do or you would not be reading this), then we believe that He is in charge. That also means that we believe that He is able to work through even the worst of situations, and He can do so in a way that brings us great good. No, this does not justify those things the Holy Father has done which seem to cause strife or suffering for the faithful, but it does say that Christ is stronger than anyone. Jesus is able to take any one of us (even someone who is resisting the Catholic faith) and make great things come to us. Trust Him, and focus on His power and holiness.


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