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Even if...

What would you do tomorrow if you woke up and found that civilization had ended overnight? How would you deal with it? With how unstable American society is today, it is not a bad question. Many of us would think quickly of how to get food, water and shelter. We would seek our physical safety first.

When Christ said "Your heavenly Father knows what you need. Seek first His Kingdom and all these things will be given to you", He did not add: "except of course if things get really bad out there, then you can seek first the worldly stuff and let all those religious things wait till later". Right?

Even if the world collapses, even if everyone betrays us, even if we contract a deadly disease, even if the Church is filled with wolves in sheep's clothing, we still have Christ as our Lord, and He is always the only One that we can trust fully with everything that is ours. It is necessary for us to keep our hearts and minds attentive to what really matters. Christ is still seated on His throne and nothing can knock Him off. Him, and Him alone do we seek first.

If we follow the thinking of the modern world and just seek to be happy until we die, then we are prevented from doing anything for God. If we refuse, however, to compromise our faith; if we choose to raise our children to love and serve Jesus the King of kings; if we joyfully look the world in the eye and say "do your worst, God will still win", then we will stand with Christ on the Last Day. Only then are we truly part of the solution and not the problem. Only then are we really seeking His Kingdom first.


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