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Entertainment Choices

I was at an ice cream shop once, trying to pick a flavor. A friend pointed one out and I said that I could not have that one because it had walnuts (I'm allergic). He said, "I'm glad I have no boundaries when it comes to ice cream!" Some decisions are more open and free, others have necessary boundaries. When we think about the arena of entertainment, we have to ask the question of boundaries. How do you pick what game to play, or show to watch, or book to read? If "fun" is the only boundary, then you are likely damaging your soul!

What makes you say "yes" to one entertainment option and "no" to another? Do you use boundaries that you came up with, or is it something that is informed by the will of God? When you do say "no" to something, it is because you know the content will harm your soul, or do you only say "no" because you do not think you will enjoy it or you simply are not interested?

The differences between these responses is crucial for our salvation. There are many places in Scripture which tell us that our life will reflect that which we put into our souls (i.e. garbage in, garbage out). What do you expose yourself to? I am speaking not just about the really bad stuff that everyone knows to avoid, but also those more subtle things; the things that slowly but clearly redirect our minds and hearts away from God. I am speaking of those things that chip away at our resistance and make us become comfortable with sin until we compromise with it. They are everywhere in our society, and if you are not actively working to avoid them, then (unless you are a complete hermit) they are very likely influencing your spiritual well being for the worse.

Stand fast; resist the world, the flesh and the devil. Know that these things do not announce themselves, so we need to watch for them. We need to see them for what they are, and make sure that we actively and intentionally cast them out of our homes, and out of our hearts. This is especially true for parents to protect their children, but every one of us needs to be on guard. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you" (James 4:7).


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