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I was asked recently for a recommendation of a good counselor in another state. I was not able to give a name because I did not know any in that area. I did try to give some tips and pointers on picking out a good counselor. Although the point was on picking a professional counselor, this applies to anyone we seek counsel from.

There is one crucial point in seeking counsel from another, and if we compromise this one issue then we place our souls in jeopardy (and, no, I am not exaggerating). Any "counselor" who does not acknowledge his place under God, is not worthy to give counsel. He or she cannot be trusted because they are unable to view anything in relation to its true nature.

Only those who see that they are accountable creatures are able to give advice. This does not guarantee that they will give good advice, but it is the only way it is possible. Those who do not think they have an eternal responsibility before the Creator of all things will not concerned about the consequences of their actions in more than a selfish manner. They may appear "kind" on the surface, but a deeply selfish motivation lies under the surface.

A Catholic came to me recently saying that she was really having problems in her life and her counselor was not helping much. I asked her who she was going to for counsel, and found out that the man is an atheist. I asked her why she would do that, and she said "he has a degree and a license" so she thought he would be good.

Consider this when you ask someone for advice in any area of life, not just personal issues. When seeking counsel on which can of beans to purchase it may not matter that much, but when you are wanting help in making major life decisions, it will make all the difference of eternity.


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