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Coming Back to the Faith with Integrity

Yes, this is a "motorcycle illustration" but it is a really good one, so bear with me...

Indian Motorcycles was the first motorcycle company in these USA. Originally, they made a fantastic quality motorcycle. They led the way in the industry and paved the path for the future of motorcycles in much of the world. Through a series of bad choices and not-so-good company presidents, the company went under in 1953. For years people tried to bring the company back, but none succeeded. Finally in 1999 someone legally acquired the rights to the Indian Motorcycle corporation and started making motorcycles again, but they made them poorly; quality was bad, and service was even worse. Those bikes did not even look like the original Indian motorcycles at all. All they had was the name "Indian" but none of the tradition, heritage, or integrity. They went bankrupt once again. Finally in 2013 another organization bought the Indian brand and started making motorcycles again. This time, however, they did it the right way. They followed the older design and the level of quality of the original bikes. They are still here today, and going strong.

So what!? you may ask. When we fall away (even if only for a brief time) and then come back to the faith, how do we come back? Do we come back as a Catholic "in name only" or do we "do it right" with the fullness of Catholic tradition and integrity? It does matter. Without the full deposit of the Catholic faith, a return to the Church is only going to fail. Catholic truth is not the same as a corporation, because it is created by God and not by men. Yet, Catholic truth cannot be compromised. Whether you or someone you know, make sure that your reconciliation to God--whether it is after one day, or 50 years--is not in name only, but is complete, whole, and real.


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