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I like reading history. About 20 years ago I read a book, a long book, on the history of ancient Byzantium. Ancient Byzantium was a distinctly Catholic nation (albeit Eastern in its practices, but still Catholic). It was also called Constantinople. The book was fairly depressing at times. It told about Kings, Queens, Nobles, and others who were constantly fighting with each other. Some of their choices and behaviors were quite immoral. They were hateful. They cheated constantly. They jockeyed for position, even to the point of killing relatives to secure their own position.

Looking at the vast majority of politicians in these USA, I am worried that we have become accustomed to their immorality and foolish self serving behaviors. We were founded as a (mostly protestant) Christian nation, but have fallen far from our foundations. Today, I would welcome almost any one of the Byzantine rulers for a leadership position in Washington DC.


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