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Blurring the Lines

Often it is helpful to learn what motivates an idea to understand the idea better. In other words, if I can figure out why someone believes it is morally acceptable to have an abortion, I can better understand how to speak to that person. In the current sexual chaos that our American society is committing it is helpful to see what types of things have driven the conversion of American thought from a generally moral perspective in the 1950's to societal suicide in the early 2000's.

One thing that I keep hearing from those who advocate sodomy, transgenderism, and other sexual abominations, is that they defend themselves based on previously blurred lines. For example, someone recently referred to a Disney movie of a number of years back where a girl disguises herself as a man in order to join the army as proof of transgenderism. Not much of an actual defense, but it was stated as, "see she was trans, so you already know that this occurs". Nothing in the story portrays her as wanting to become a man, merely that she disguised herself (which is bad enough).

It made me think more about these "blurred lines" that we have been experiencing in America for decades now. How many times have we laughed at, or felt sorry for the person who cross-dressed for a "justifiable reason"? I remember an old movie called "Some Like it Hot"; it certainly gave an opening for what we are enduring now. We were fed this "understandable" comedy, and we got more and more used to the lines being blurred between male and female.

Just look at movies and stories over the last 60 years and you will see more and more lines being blurred. Men being effeminate, women being burly and rough; and as it continues we steadily let our guard down. I do not have the time to chronicle all of the things that have done this to us, but the more we allow "broken rules" of masculinity and femininity to be commonplace, the more we should assume that we have cut the break line and there is nothing to stop this train from going off the rails. It is time to stop blurring the lines and go out of our way to make the lines as clear as is humanly possible!


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