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"Bishop" David Waller

Imagine how my stomach sank as I read the first few words of the email:

New Bishop Appointed for the Ordinariate...

You may already know the rest of the words: in the UK. No, it is not referring to our Ordinariate here in these USA, but our brethren in the United Kingdom. They have been given a great gift of their own Bishop (Fr. David Waller) as we have here (Bishop Steven Lopes). Until now, they have been led by Msgr. Keith Newton. He, being married, is not allowed to be consecrated as a Bishop. Fr. Waller, being celibate, is able to serve in that role. Although I have met Msgr. Newton (who is apparently happy to retire and hand on the duties), I have not met Fr. Waller, but look forward to it someday. Let us pray for them both in their continued service to God, and rejoice that God continues to bless the Ordinariates in their work for God's Kingdom.


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