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Behavior Lag

I have lived in cities, and I have lived in the country, and it is always interesting to see how people that are "out of their norm" behave. When "city folk" move out into the country, they usually keep doing things like they did in the city. The same goes for "country folk" who end up in the city; they often keep some of their former behaviors.

This is what I call "behavior lag"; people can get stuck in habits and do things like they used to, even when they are not supposed to. It happens in many different ways. I have seen it in people who move from modernist and contemporary liturgical practice to a more traditional form of the Mass. They keep doing things the way they are used to, and it takes time for them to make the adjustment.

Do we also do this in our day to day lives? Do you get stuck in bad habits at work or school and then bring those habits home? Are you allowing an influence of the world to get ingrained into your heart and then continuing that behavior when you arrive at home? Snarky comments, gossip, backbiting, and selfish advancement are common behaviors of the world that can "stick" with us and be brought into our homes (but should not be).

The opposite should be what is true: we are supposed to allow the grace of Christ and His holiness that we receive in the Mass to stay with us when we go out into the world so that we are always showing the glory of God. "Behavior lag" is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is bad when fail to watch and guard our souls. We all will experience a "behavior lag" at times; let us make sure that it is the right behavior.


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