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Bad Recipes

If you made a recipe (let's say for cookies) and it tasted horrible, would you use the same recipe next time? No, of course not. If something has a bad result we try to change something to improve it; unless, of course, you are an unorthodox modernist Catholic Bishop.

Word is out that over 500,000 Catholics left the Church in Germany last year. What do you think would be the wise response? Maybe examining what has been going on over the last few years and be willing to make a change? Nope. Bishop Batzing (president of the German Catholic Bishops Council) said just the opposite. Apparently, he wants more of the same rejection of Catholicism because, according to him, they have not gotten liberal, modernist, and immoral enough to keep people in the Church. I am not making this stuff up.

This a clear display of the stubborn attitude of theological liberals. They cannot imagine that their compromise of the faith would in any way make people fall away from the faith. So, when things go sideways, they say, "More!" I guess it is hard to realize that deadly poison is actually deadly. "Maybe if we just drink a bit more, then it will start to taste good!?"

Please pray for all the faithful Catholics in Germany (I am sure there are a few left) to be able to withstand the heresy and abandonment of truth that they are forced to endure every day. Pray for the Bishops to return to truth and stop flirting with the devil. Also pray for those who have lost the faith (both those who are still in the Church and those who have left) to come back to the truth. Finally, pray that we will not be presumptuous, recognizing that we need God's grace just as much as they do.


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