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Ascension Day

Which direction is Heaven from here? Can you point to it? Considering the fact that we live on a round ball, if I point "up" that is "down" for those in India (since they are on the opposite "side" of this sphere). So did Jesus happen to ascend "up" to Heaven because it was above His head when it happened? Or, on the other hand, is Heaven all around us, so that it is "up" for everyone so that the Earth is at the center with Heaven surrounding it. This is not often thought of by most when they consider the nature of the universe. It matters, though, because He genuinely did ascend up.

On this Ascension day (yes, today, forty days after the resurrection; not Sunday), we should also ask about the visibility of Jesus' ascension. Why did Jesus ascend up to Heaven in the Apostles' sight? Why did He not just "leave" without the Apostles seeing anything? He must have wanted them to see it. He wanted them to realize that His physical body was not here on Earth any longer. He was not teaching anything sad, but rather something joyful: He is now at the right hand of God and is ruling in our behalf. You can be confident in His victory and have true hope.


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