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I (somewhat) watched a video of something that happened (I would be afraid of divine judgment if I tried to call it a Mass) at a Catholic parish in the diocese of Chicago (which is under the authority of Cardinal Cupich--maybe you have already heard of his attacks on faithful Catholics). Fr. Zuhlsdorf posted a link to it but I warn you, you cannot unsee this blasphemy ( This apparently occurred on Holy Thursday this year, and as far as we know no one has been disciplined for it and the priest has not been laicized for such horrific abuse. There is no stretch of the imagination that can find a way to qualify this as a valid Mass. This is all the logical conclusion of a fully self-absorbed mind. Furthermore, this is the end result of modernism being allowed in the clergy. The principle (which was really fostered by Martin Luther) says, "religion and spirituality are my personal choices, so whatever pleases me is good". This is what drives the majority of protestant theology, and it is the root of almost every modern heresy. The atrocity that occurred in the video is clear evidence of where the modernists are headed. In case you are not familiar, much of it resembles pagan practices.

Those who approve of this kind of worship are not worshiping Christ; they are worshiping themselves. They are at war with God; there is no other way to describe this. This is not how our Lord has commanded us to worship Him, and the entire thing is a violation of the first commandment. As Isaiah says, "These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations" (66:3). We must hold the faith and worship God with "reverence and awe" (Hebrews 12:28). Judgment shall come upon those who hate God; let us pray that God is merciful to us and delivers the Church from abominations like this.


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