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A Rupture?

I read an online debate recently. Those involved were trying to decide whether Vatican II was a "rupture" with the Catholic faith, or whether it was just a confusing Council that has not been worked out yet. I know that this temptation is heavy in many people's minds right now. There are so many problems that the Church has been going through for the last 60 years, it is hard not to ask these questions.

To begin with, let me say that we have to be very careful in discussions like this because none of us has the authority to make that determination. Furthermore, even if we did figure it out, none of us can do anything about it except get more worked up and open ourselves up to the temptations of pride and a judgmental attitude.

Next, let us all realize what is really at stake. This is still Christ's Bride: the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. We are not discussing a decision made by a CEO of a secular corporation. If there is a problem with the second Vatican Council, then God will work it out through the proper authorities. That is what He promised many times and He always fulfills His promises.

Finally, whatever your position is regarding Vatican II (and it is OK to stay agnostic and say "we don't know"), we all must acknowledge that there is a rupture. The aberrant theology and immoral behavior that is promoted by so many clergymen; the countless liturgical abuses that are committed in the Mass (to the point of questioning whether many are even valid Masses); the almost complete disrespect for, and irreverence towards, the Eucharist; the constant attacks on the past history of the Church; the lack of discipline for numerous grave sins that are committed by laity and clergy both; and the open acceptance by many Catholics of pagan ideas; these are all ruptures. Whatever their source, they are ruptures with the Catholic faith that our forefathers practiced without question until the 1960's.


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