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A Priest's Life

One of my favorite books is "The Diary of a Country Priest" by George Bernanos. The life of a catholic priest is not something that can be described in words very easily, but Bernanos tells a story which comes quite close to the mark (though many say you have to be a priest to appreciate the book in its fullness -- I would not know, since I did not read it before I was a priest).

Lately, as things are going so well at St. George parish where I serve, I have had more reasons to thank God for his blessings and provisions. Most especially when I see His hand coming down to this world and making my ministry to His people to be effective. Of course, it is not all "wine and roses".

I have been a priest for only about ten years and have been doing my best to minister to my people. I also try to seek and save the lost; which means I work to please the unpleasant, love the unlovely, give wisdom to the foolish, and care for the careless. I have been both successful, and a failure at each of these things; I have at times suffered the effects of government intrusion, and social slander. I have been cussed at, lied to, yelled at, attacked, stolen from, threatened and despised (sometimes in the same breath!).

There are certainly many reasons why I continue in my vocation, but one of my favorites is just to see what is going to happen next! The anticipation is actually quite exciting. 😁


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