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A Good Death

I am working on writing my obituary. Nothing to worry about (or to rejoice about, as the case may be!), I am not aware of any reason that I should be meeting my Maker anytime soon. Actually, Bishop Lopes encouraged the Priests of the Ordinariate to do so. This was not as a morbid practice, but rather for the purpose of having "everything" in there that we want in there. Certainly, it will need to be edited and added to when that inevitable event does arrive, but it has an impact on a person's soul (which I think was part of the good Bishop's intent).

Many years ago, Catholics would pray specifically for a "good death". They did not mean dying in a blaze of (prideful, self-centered) glory. No, they meant they wanted to die in a state of grace, and be ready for their death in all their earthly affairs (debts paid, family provided for, etc.). You do not hear much about that today, and we probably should try to change that. One way in which we keep ourselves sober minded before the Lord is to consider "memento mori" (i.e. "remember you are mortal"). You will die someday; get ready for it now.

So, once again, I am working on writing my obituary and asking myself what I want in it. It is humbling to do this. It is also revealing to ask myself the question: what really matters? What have I done that will matter in eternity? It is good to ask the question now so that I am focused on what matters now. Pray for me, and I will be praying for you.


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