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A Bit of Irony

Following on the tail of yesterday's post (which, yes, was an actual quote from a 13-year-old Catholic young lady), I want to point out certain things that are ironically coincidental.

First, modern day sodomites want to claim the rainbow as their symbol. That is really not a good idea. God never takes it lightly when people steal things from Him. The rainbow is His not theirs. Furthermore, He gave the rainbow as a symbol of a promise not to flood the whole world. There is a bit of "double symbolism" here. The flood waters are said to be a prefiguring of baptism (1 Peter 3:20-21). So, in a sense, God "baptized" the world to clean it; some were killed by those baptismal waters, and others were saved by them (Noah and his family). To use a symbol to represent grave sin, when it is meant to represent the destruction of sin and salvation of righteousness, is one hundred percent wrong.

Second, they chose June as their "pride month". There is nothing about sin which should elicit pride. In fact, if you are prideful of the sin of sodomy, then that is proof of demonic influence upon you. June, however, is the month in which the feast day of St. Charles Lwanga is observed (June 3rd). St. Charles and his companions were martyred because they refused to give in to sodomy. Really, go look it up! To choose the same month as St. Charles Lwanga is either intentional mockery, or divine providence (they want to claim it, but God already has chosen what is supposed to be observed this month).

All in all, God will win in this battle. Yet, those who have fallen into this vile sin must be called to repentance. Yes, God loves every sinner, but He loves them too much to leave them in their sin. Let us pray for our land, and ask for our Lord Jesus to grant us true repentance.


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