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A Baptism into the Kingdom

I baptized my first grandchild this last Sunday. Yes, it was a completely different experience from any of the other baptisms I have done, but not as much because she was my daughter's baby. It was different for me because as I was pouring the water (and getting choked up inside) I thought momentarily about my own mortality and what it means to pass on the faith to future generations. I think more clearly now about the fact that I am merely a single individual in the massive Kingdom of God that has been moving forward (and taking over the world) for the last 2000 years. My place is to serve God in how He has called me to serve; not to get wrapped up in some concept of my own self-worth (as though God needed me to have the Kingdom grow).

It may sound like I was humbled by this experience. Yes, in a way that is so. Yet, even more so I was honored. I realized the great love of God for each one of us, and also how that great love works in us to plant us here in this time in history to play our part and then hand on the truth to the subsequent generations. Do your part my brethren. Receive the truth and hand it on. Even in the midst of mistakes and blunders, God will use your work and show you that He is still King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the Master of history and he honors us with being a part of its redemption.

This is what the Ascension of Christ was all about. He ascended to Heaven to sit down at God's right hand and rule all things. He ascended so that He could bring His Kingdom to this fallen world. He ascended so that a ten minute ceremony of pouring some water on the head of a baby and saying the words of institution can impact people in the here and now, so that they can have a place in eternity. He ascended to Heaven so that He can take over the whole world, one baby at a time.

[In case you did not know that I am a married Catholic Priest, sorry to shock you. Yes, it is true; yes it is legitimate. More info is available at other places on this website.]


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