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Maggots. Yes, they have a purpose. Wasps; ouch. Yes, they have a purpose as well. Everything in the world God created has a purpose. Even the gross things; even the painful things. We may not know what the purpose is, and we may not even find out if we get to Heaven and ask God, but that does not mean there is no purpose for these things.

Therefore, and this is the hard part: those gross and painful things in your life have a purpose as well. Yes, that includes the neighbor who annoys you, and the sickness you would do anything to get over. Scripture tells us that "all things work together for those who love God." That means that for those who hate God (and there are a lot of them around today) things do not work together because they are resistant to His work.

For us, we must accept whatever He hands us (even if it is a maggot; ewwww, yuck!). For through the grace of God, even the most repulsive parts of life can be for our good; if we cooperate with His work and do not try to go against Him. Are you cooperating? Are you accepting what He gives you? Ask the Holy Spirit for help doing this right now.


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