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Earlier this month was the feast day of St. Charles Lwanga (June 3rd). Years ago he and a number of his companions were martyred because they refused to give in to sodomites. I usually point this out, and I will do it again today. Is it not remarkable that today's sodomites (and sodomettes) have chosen June as a month to celebrate their abominations? St. Charles and his companions are definitely praying for them.

One more thing came to my mind yesterday: this "Juneteenth" thing. It is supposedly a celebration of the end of slavery. I am a bit curious -- with all the slavery that exists today (to sin, to technology, to government programs, to public school philosophy, etc.) it is really correct to say that slavery ended? I suppose one kind of slavery ended, to be replaced by numerous other types of slavery. Just sayin...

Of all the slaveries that exist today, sexual slavery is one of the worst. Those who suffer from this addiction are truly enslaved to their passions, and they are miserable. Trust me, I hear their testimonies frequently, and most (including those who do not want to repent) are agonizing over it. And, furthermore, of all the sexual slaveries, slavery to sodomy is the worst. It is (according to St. Paul in the book of Romans chapter 1) an unnatural filth that is a direct attack on God -- go read it; he is less gentle than I am about it.

Let us pray this month that those enslaved to sodomy (and all its consequent perversions, like transgenerism, etc.) are delivered. Let us pray that they can see their sin the way that God sees it (speaking of which, we are told that demons are repulsed by homosexuality so much that they cannot look at it -- let that sink in for a moment!). Let us pray that God will deliver us from this wicked lust which has so infected our land.


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