Coming Home

Have you fallen away from the Catholic Church? Maybe your family has been outside the Catholic Church for one or more generations? Are you thinking of converting to Catholicism? Or maybe you've just not been connected for a long time and are looking to return? Regardless of the circumstances, we can help!
St. George offers an intensive adult catechesis class, that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about the Catholic Church. This class is 4 months long and is designed to prepare the convert for life as a Catholic, and equip those returning to the Catholic Church. This course satisfies all basic catechism requirements for adults, ages 14 and up. Even if you've already had basic catechism classes, this is an excellent refresher course, especially if you're new to Catholicism, or if you've been outside of the Church for a while. 
Do you need some sacraments as well? Are you missing confirmation? Or have you never been baptized? Again, we can help!
Adult Catechesis

This course is free, runs 2 to 3 times a year, and satisfies the education requirements needed to enter the Church. Please contact the church office here


Are you in need of baptism? Have you been away from the Church, and are now seeking baptism for your child? Please contact the church office here.


Are you in need of confirmation? Have you been away from the Church, and are now seeking confirmation for your child? Please contact the church office here

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