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Which Catholic Church? (part 2)

Today, it seems as though there has been a rewriting of the history of the Catholic Church. No, not an actual new set of history books that tell a different story, but there is more than one way to "rewrite" history. A number of the things that our faith teaches, and the things that we are supposed to stand for have been blurred and "forgotten" by seminaries and clergy. These things have been "conveniently" left out of the general religious education of numerous Catholics so that large numbers of the faithful have no idea of the changes that have occurred in rules, liturgy, and even teaching. They pretend like their errors are "what we have always believed".

Yes, most Catholics know that there are some "old ways" and "new ways" to do Mass, but if you mention to them that Vatican II never approved Priests turning their backs on Jesus when they pray to Him (which is what is really happening in Versus Populum Masses), they look at you like you lost your mind. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a cradle Catholic tell me "I was never taught that" (meaning, they were misled) or "are you sure that is not just Anglican teaching?" (meaning they doubt I was properly prepared for ordination). It is usually in the context of me referring to some basic rule of the Church (like the fact that priests have the authority to decide if people are in danger of not respecting the Eucharist--this often offends people).

There are not only changes which have occurred -- most will admit that -- but it is the manner in which these changes are described. It is one thing to say, "the Church decided that we are going to allow girls to serve at the altar", it is another thing to portray it as, "of course we should allow girls to serve at the altar, only someone out of touch with reality would deny this!" Setting aside the fact that this practice runs counter to the Church's understanding of the beauty of womanhood, the way in which something is portrayed can make certain beautiful truths fade into the past as though they were somehow wrong until the "perfectly enlightened" came on the scene and showed us the errors of the past! (Just to be clear: the Holy Spirit did not fall asleep for centuries and then wake up at Vatican II)!

So, then, if you were misled about the faith and told that the way that virtually 99% of the Saints in Heaven practiced the faith is somehow suddenly wrong, and actually a hindrance to the faith, then it is time to forgive those who deceived you and (re)discover the faith once delivered to the saints. This pothole that the Church drove through (and subsequently ruined the alignment) which is called "modernism" is not to be respected; it is to be cast out where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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