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What Are You Working On?

What is dedication? What does it mean to be truly and fully dedicated to something (anything)? You can see it in athletes. They will structure exercise routines, adjust their nourishment, and change their entire daily schedule to grow better at a sport. You see this with gamers. They will spend hours upon hours and unbelievable amounts of energy to improve their skill level to get better. You see this with craftsmen. They will put in the extra effort and learn the best methods that help them master their work. You see this with serious scholars who will stay up late at night to learn, study, and expand their knowledge. You see this with body builders who become obsessive about their nutrition, exercise, and spend long hours in the gym to create what they believe to be their perfect body.

These all take dedication and a willingness to sacrifice and suffer for whatever they deem worthy of that time and energy. This is true for man's physical pursuits. It is also true for our intellectual pursuits. And, it is true as well in our spiritual pursuits. Yes, God helps us in our spiritual journey, but that does not mean that it is necessarily an easy thing. We must develop the discipline, take the time and exert the energy in order to find true holiness. Why is it that people seem to be willing pour themselves into these other things that will not last into eternity, but they want an easy spirituality? Few are willing to put that same effort into accomplishing a holiness that will matter on the Day of Judgment.

The amount of time that you spend working on your salvation will reveal how much importance you put in it. If you spend (just!) 15 hours a week entertaining yourself or working out at the gym, but only one hour in Sunday Mass and maybe a few more minutes in a daily prayer, then you are clearly showing which matters more to you. It should be obvious what you will have to show for it when you stand before God to give account for your life. One final point: those who acquire skills and achieve worldly greatness at the cost of their soul, will be empty-handed on that Day. What will you have to show for your time on Earth?


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