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Run Away

This was stated (i.e. not made up) at a parish council meeting (not at St. George): "How about if we purchase a 6 foot tall electric fountain and place it in the Church in front of the altar for Christmas? It will be real pretty!" If that does not make you feel some righteous anger, then you should probably stop reading at this point.

The Mass is not an experimental playground for modernist daydreams. There is seemingly no end to the stories I could tell you that I have heard about the foolish ideas that modernists have come up with for new and innovative things to "try out" in the Mass. The one above is a true story, and (to make it worse) it was the Priest who suggested it.

There is a desire among modernists (of course!) for that which is new and modern. They have an instinctual distaste for that which has been done before (regardless of whether it is good). Whenever a Priest creates or adds in his own ideas in the Mass, this is a clear sign of modernism. Priests should have been taught that this is not allowed, and they should not treat the Mass as their personal display. If you are ever at a parish and you see these playful or inventive additions, then you need to run--very fast--away from there.


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