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Missing Pieces (2)

At a parish that I used to pastor, I once had someone ask if I could turn the heat in the Church up a bit. I tried really hard not to smile, and was able just to say, "I will look into it". I know that might sound callous, but there is another piece of information that is important here. The day before someone had come to me and asked if I could turn the heat down. I was keeping it at 65 degrees during Mass, because that was right in the middle of what most people were happy with.

Sadly, the ones who wanted it turned up, thought I was insensitive for not doing it. The ones who wanted it turned down had the same perspective. It was impossible to make everyone happy. I even tried to inform each party of the opposing opinion. No one seemed to hear it, and many were only concerned that I was not doing what they wanted.

As much as I tried to change it, the two opposing "factions" were both without the full story. They each thought they knew what was right and could only see my lack of following their request as flat out wrong. In the end I was able to help most of them hear the other side of things, but no one was truly happy about it.

It is a terrifically humbling thing to say to ourselves "I might be wrong" or "I might not know everything" but it is the only path to holiness. It requires us to admit that we are not perfect, and that we make mistakes; something no one likes to do -- ever. This is one of the most comforting things about knowing that God is absolutely sovereign in all things.

Is there something you are upset over? Is there something you are wanting and find that you are unable to get? Stop for a minute and tell yourself this: "I do not know all things; I see only one set of details and must acknowledge that there is far more to the situation than I realize. It is possible that God might not want me to know it and I must accept that. God please give me the strength to trust You in all things."


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