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"Let it be done to me..."

Today is the feast of the Annunciation. It is interesting to see what people focus on in this feast. It is actually more about Jesus (His conception) than it is about Mary, but it is perfectly understandable why we think of her (and some even say "the feast of the Annunciation of Mary", even though it "the announcement" is about Jesus). Jesus was (somewhat) passive in the whole thing, and the Scriptures speak of the conversation between Mary and Gabriel. She hears the annunciation and responds.

In the painting (go look for it) by Henry Ossawa Tanner called "The Annunciation", he does a remarkable (and unique) representation of the angel Gabriel (as an apparition of light), but it is his portrayal of Mary that is the most powerful because it is so gentle. Look at it closely. See how she holds her hands; nervous, hesitant, but determined to do God's will. Look at her face; turned upward toward Gabriel, but also humbly attentive. You can almost hear her about say "let it be done to me..."

That is the Mary that we need to remember. The one who said "yes" to God and chose a path different than Eve. It is her acceptance of the call of God on her life that is so important. Look very closely at her face in that painting, and learn from it. Let it impact you in your response to God. There is no justification in all of creation to say "no" to God's call.


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