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There is a point that has not been brought up in the discussions about the Harrison Butker speech. Mr. Butker said that he believed that women would be more fulfilled in their lives if they became homemakers. For this comment, he has been vilified and called a "misogynist" (a "woman hater"). Interestingly, at the same time there are numerous rap singers who write songs about raping and abusing women, and they get a free ticket with no criticism from the general public.

How is it even rational to say that a man who says a woman would be happier to stay home, raise children, and manage the household hates women, but a man who says that it is fun to sexually abuse them (and encourages others to do so as well) is an "artist"? The only explanation that I can grasp is that people with this opinion are mentally unstable and a danger to society. As the Scriptures say, "woe unto them who call evil good, and good evil".


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