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Holy Mother of God

Social media has become so anti-social that it is stunning. It has largely isolated us from each other, and now we are suicidal because of it. The Church is supposed to be a brotherhood, and we need to make that a reality in our lives. Do we really live out what it means to be “brothers and sisters” in Christ? Most Churches do not. I want to challenge everyone reading this to change that right now. Let us actively begin practicing the truth. Let us mean it when we say “brother” and “sister” to our fellow Catholics. Let us be serious about stepping out of our shells and actively decide to find our best friends in our fellow parishioners.

Today is the Solemnity of the Holy Mother of God. This is the day we celebrate what it means to be in the “same family” as the Blessed Virgin. She is our Mother and we are her children. Let us pray to the sweet and wonderful Mother of God to help us to find this truth in our lives and become the people that her Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ wants us to be.


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