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You may have heard this one already: about a century ago, a student in college complained to his dad that the classes were too hard and too long. The dad goes to the professor to ask for him to lighten up on the classes. He responds, "I could, but what do you want for your son? Do you want a vegetable? That takes a couple months to produce. Or, do you want an oak tree? That takes a hundred years."

How much do you want for your soul? Do you want an easy route; something with no challenges that never makes you have to think about your faith? Or, do you want something to stretch you; something that will make you have to put in that extra effort to get to your destination? Another way of putting this is: you are a creature of God, sanctified by the work of Christ, through the ministry of the Holy Ghost, and that means you are not called to mediocrity, but greatness!


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