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"Fast?! Why do they call it a 'fast'? It certainly does not go by 'fast'; Ash Wednesday seems to go on forever. They ought to have called it 'slow'!" (original author unknown).

As hunger impacts you on this Ash Wednesday, remember this: you are mortal; you are weak and in need of God's help. That is the point of a fast: to remind ourselves that we are so frail that we have to have food regularly. It does not take long to starve, and even less time to die of thirst. God made us to "need"; we need many things that help us to live, but above all we need our Lord and Savior, for without Him, we would be lost. So think on that this day -- you need Him. And if you, for any reason (hopefully it was a valid reason, and not just laziness), did not partake of the fast, then I pray you gave up something today; something that you really missed, and felt the depth of being without something that you needed, because you too need. You too must have Christ. So each of us, remember to long for Him, to seek Him, and realize you cannot take one breath without His grace.


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