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Dignitas Infinita

I have not yet had time to read the entire document, and I have only seen a few comments on it (both positive and negative), but this latest statement from the Dicastery of Doctrine and Faith in Rome has caused me a bit of concern. There is, of course, the difficulty with understanding anything other than God as being "infinite" (so I hope that phrase is clarified in the document). I will just say this for now: it clearly takes a stand against much of the immorality that is so prevalent in our society today. It seems to be helpful in rooting out any who wish to change the morals that God has declared to the Church for her entire history.

Something I did notice though that is a bit of a concern: it only uses the word "sin" twice and "immoral" never shows up. The words you choose to write, can be just as important as the words you choose not to write. If the focus is truly on the issue of dignity, then it falls short of what the true problem is. If all we focus on is dignity (which is not a bad thing in itself) and we miss the fact that these behaviors lead someone to Hell if not repented of, then we are missing the most significant part of the issue. Sin destroys souls, and it blinds those who commit it from seeing what they are doing or the consequences thereof. We have to call sin what it truly is: rejection of the righteousness of God, and indulgence in the wickedness of the devil.

"Infinite dignity" is something to consider, of course. Infinite righteousness is another; as well as the possibility of someone spending an infinity in eternal damnation.


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