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Peter Kwasniewski said recently:

If members of the hierarchy (or their eager-beaver apologists) expect the laity to “pay, pray, and obey,” then let them man up, let them “apostle up” as it were, and provide something worth paying for, a liturgy worth praying with, and an authority worth obeying. Otherwise, shut up and shutter up, and let the rest of us build as Catholics and for Catholics.

Agree with him or not (and I do), are you working to "build as Catholics and for Catholics"? There are ways that Catholics have done certain things, and ways that non-catholics (especially protestants) have done things. What does it mean to "build" as a Catholic? One of the most important ways that we "build" as Catholics is to build in submission to our spiritual forefathers.

Those who look to disagree, who enjoy being "new" or "edgy" or just plain "different" are not building as Catholics; they are building as protestants. And what they build will not endure, it will be torn down, and then it will be crushed under the feet of those who are building the way the Church has always built.


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