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Black and White

I read an article recently about "anti-whiteness" (no, I was not in agreement with that position). It reminded me about what it means to be Catholic. As God's called people we are able to stand in the grace of knowing that the world continues to run on in its foolishness (looking something like lemmings following the latest idiotic fad) while God "laughs at them" (yes, that is what the Bible actually says; see, Psalm 2). We can actually sit back and not be afraid; they can only kill the body, God is the One Who judges the soul (and can send it into eternal Hell).

So, as I think about "whiteness" (which apparently is an attitude and behavior, rather than a physical trait created and given by God), I am driven to say I am happy to be white (again, it is how God created me and I do not have the gall to say He did it wrong!). I am also happy that my son-in-law is not white (he's kind of a dark chocolate) and my granddaughter is also not white (she's more like cappuccino--and she's beautiful). I am glad to say that I have many friends who are also not white, and I really do not care what color they are, because God created all of us.

Thus, while the world stumbles on with its false virtues, which are only the ideas of warped minds, I rejoice in the beauty of God's creation. I can rejoice in the amazing wonders that we can know what really matters: the soul. The destiny of a soul is what should be our concern. That destiny is not determined by a newly invented hatred of God's order; it is determined by whether we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and body, and love our neighbor as ourselves.


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