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Backed into a Corner

You may have heard the story about the college graduation ceremony where the principal was told he could not mention God or do anything spiritual. He fought it, but knew that he would get fired if he disobeyed. Finally the day came for the ceremony and during his final speech before everyone was dismissed, every single graduate suddenly sneezed; the principal responded, quite appropriately, "God bless you!"

Just because we are backed into a corner does not mean that we are unable to find a way to deal with it; it just means we have to put an effort into figuring out how to deal with it. Certainly it is easier just to complain and whine, but that is not what God expects of us. In fact, the process we go through in struggling with the "corner" we are in, is part of our sanctification. Do not tell God you have a big problem, tell your problem you have a big God.


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