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An Un-Christian Easter?

What would Easter be like without Christ? No, I am not referring to a pagan household that knows nothing more than the easter bunny and colored eggs. I am referring to a Christian setting. Try to imagine what it would look like for a group of Christians to celebrate Easter without Christ.

We actually have an apparent example of it in more places than you probably realize. I received an advertisement the other day about "Easter Services" at a local protestant congregation. The postcard was about 8 inches by 5 inches. It tells me I am "invited", it tells me the times of the services, and it tells me the address of where they are.

Would you like to guess what it does not tell me (or even show me)? Nowhere on either side of this advertisement does it mention God, Jesus Christ, the Resurrection, redemption, forgiveness, or even a vague reference to holiness. Nowhere. At. All.

There is a cross on one side, but it is completely covered by flowers so that only about 10% of the actual cross shows through the gaps. There is a nice bright picture of a group of entertainers singing and playing music. That is clear and not obscured; their priorities are made clear by their advertising choices.

So, I suppose if all you want is entertainment and (possibly) a pat on the back to make you feel good, then this is the place to go on Easter. I can pray that there will be something said or done during this "service" that will point people to repentance and salvation (but there are certainly no promises from the advertisement). This is what the sectarian spirit has finally led to: a generic, non-specific, Christianity without Christ. Our Lord said, "He who denies me before men, I will deny before My Father Who is in Heaven."

If, however, you want to be with the actual physical presence of Jesus, and you want to hear about what He was willing to endure to get you out of your sins, then you may want to choose somewhere else. Although there have been many who claimed to be the Christ (though they do not all use that term, many mean the same thing), there is only one place that Jesus said that we could find Him on this Earth; in His totality, and in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Yes, you know where I am speaking about...


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