Adult Catechises Class

A four month intensive class in basic Catholic doctrine.



Q.) What is adult catechesis?

A.) The word catechesis is Greek for "teaching." Adult catechesis is the process through which adults, and older children, usually enter the Catholic Church. This preparation class is necessary for entry into the Catholic Church.


Q.) Is the class really free?

A.) Yes, but we ask that you buy your own U.S. Bishops Catechism if you can. If you can't, we will provide one free of charge.


Q.) When does it start?

A.) The class will be held on Thursday nights at 7 pm to 8:30 pm. We ask that you always start at the beginning of a session, rather than jumping in after a session is in progress. We can notify you when the next session is about to start.


Q.) How long is each session?

A.) It's usually about four months long.


Q.) Does this class qualify one to enter the Catholic Church?

A.) The class satisfies only the educational requirements necessary to join St. George and thereby become Catholic. However, to actually join St. George and become Catholic, you'll have to schedule an interview with our priest either before, or during, the four-month class session.


Q.) Do I have to attend every single class?

A.) If you're trying to become Catholic through St. George, then yes, you will have to attend all classes, and you'll have to make up for every class you miss.


Q.) Can I just audit the class and decide later if I want to join?

A.) Yes. But you must be respectful of class time for people who are trying to join the Church. Auditing a class is when you just sit-in and listen. You may ask a few questions, but should keep them to a minimal, so as to respect class time for those trying to join the Catholic Church.


Q.) If I'm just auditing the class, do I have to attend each one?

A.) No. Of course not. But if at any time you decide to join the Catholic Church, you'll need to schedule an interview with our priest right away and make up those classes you missed.


Q.) How much is involved in class participation?

A.) Each class will require an average of reading 3 chapters per week out of the U.S. Bishops Catechism, plus 1.5 hours per week in live class participation. Additional participation in the online forum, throughout the week, is recommended but not required.


Q.) Is the online forum private?

A.) Yes. The online forum is totally secure and private, reserved only for participants in the class if they want to use it. 


Q.) Are there tests?

A.) No. It's not that kind of class. We focus more on discussions and interaction. There are no tests. There is no writing required either unless you like adding your thoughts to the online forum.


Q.) Are there any other requirements?

A.) Only if you intend to join the Catholic Church. If so, you will be required to attend mass once-per-week on Sundays. If you cannot make it to mass on Sundays, please talk to our priest. Those just auditing the class are recommended to attend mass at St. George as well, but are not required to.


Q.) I am already Catholic, can I take this class?

A.) Yes, of course. In fact, we highly encourage it. If you are already Catholic, you will effectively be auditing the class.


Q.) How do I sign up?

A.) Please provide us with your full name and contact information, so we can keep you informed on the next start date.

St. George Catholic Church, 1404 E Hines St, Republic, Missouri, Phone:(417) 732-2018, Email Here 

Mailing Address: 645 S Assisi Way, Republic, MO 65738-2190

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